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The Climate Show #5: on a hot wet green roof - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Jan 21, 2011

The Climate Show returns with the first show of the new year, and it’s a cracker. Our guest is Dr Brad Bass, an expert in “green” roofing who joined Glenn in the Auckland studio to discuss the many advantages of growing things (even trees!) on our buildings. John Cook from Skeptical Science gives us an [...] … Read More

Everyone agrees: 2010 ties for top temperature - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Jan 15, 2011

All of the major global temperature series — surface and satellite — report that 2010 is tied for first place as the warmest year in the long term record. NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center both have 2010 tied with their previous record holder 2005, while the UK’s Climatic [...] … Read More

Warm year passing - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Jan 06, 2011

2010 was the fifth warmest year in the long term New Zealand record, and December the third warmest, according to figures released by NIWA and analysis by Jim Salinger. Salinger’s rankings are based on the revised “seven station series”. According to Jim: [December] was 1.6 °C above the 1971-2000 average and the third equal warmest [...] … Read More

Another local climate change denial meme - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Dec 24, 2010

I commented in Painted into a corner? that the release of NIWA’s report of the recalculation of New Zealand’s 7-station  long term  temperature series had called the local climate change deniers’ bluff. It was time for them to apologise, withdraw their … Continue reading → … Read More

A Christmas cracker for the cranks - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Dec 22, 2010

The National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) released details of its recalculated New Zealand temperature series last week and in the last couple of days Richard Treagold and the Climate “Science” Coalition have issued statements in reply. And what a contrast they provide: Bryan Leyland for the NZ C”S”C is all bluster, demanding [...] … Read More

NIWA’s new NZ temperature series: plus ça change… - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Dec 16, 2010

Earlier this afternoon NIWA released its recalculated NZ temperature record [full report], and as expected the changes from the “old” seven station series are more or less negligible. The trend over the last 100 years is identical, 0.91ºC per century, as the graph above shows. There are minor differences in some years, and larger ones [...] … Read More

How to be a denier: lesson #1 (shrivel and die) - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Nov 17, 2010

One of Hot Topic’s favourite sceptics is NZ C”S”C member Roger Dewhurst, best known for turning up from time to time to unload links to the denier meme du jour (and for his carefully cultivated grumpy old man persona). Yesterday morning he sent me a link to this “interesting” document prepared by Dr David Evans, [...] … Read More

Keep right on to the end of the road - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Aug 24, 2010

When one spends a good deal of time following what scientists working on climate change are saying, it’s hard to understand how the community at large and politicians in particular can appear so unaffected by the prospect ahead if we don’t radically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. The only conclusion is that they haven’t yet [...] … Read More