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When asses go to law - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Aug 16, 2010

In a bizarre twist to the tale of New Zealand’s climate sceptics and their strange obsession with the minutiae of the history of temperature measurement in New Zealand, it now emerges that they have lodged papers with the High Court [Stuff & NZ Herald, via NZPA], seeking to have the court rule that the National [...] … Read More

On fire inside a snowball - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Aug 15, 2010

Fire: NOAA’s National Climate Data Centre has posted its report on global climate for July (press release). The combined global land and sea surface temperature of 16.5ºC was the second warmest in the NOAA record, 0.66°C above the average for the last 100 years of 15.8°C. The January to July period was the warmest in [...] … Read More

Count to ten - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Jul 29, 2010

This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video. Heidi Cullen at Climate Central covers the highlights of NOAA’s State of the Climate: 2009 report, released yesterday (NOAA press release here). Key message: ten of the most important climate indicators, with multiple datasets for [...] … Read More

Sorry seems to be the hardest word - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Mar 02, 2010

Late last week Richard Treadgold, author and principal promoter of the recent attempt to cast doubt on the long term temperature record for New Zealand, popped up on Hot Topic to leave one of his typically rambling and pompous comments. Regular readers may recall that following the publication of his Climate Conversation Group/Climate “Science” Coalition [...] … Read More

Egg/face interface for Hide and the climate cranks - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Feb 10, 2010

What was it Richard Treadgold and Rodney Hide were saying? Here’s Hide, speaking yesterday in Parliament: So, before Christmas, I asked NIWA to disclose the adjustments and their reasons. They said they would. But they have just told the Climate Science Coalition they don’t have the record of the adjustments. And here’s Treadgold and the NZ Climate [...] … Read More

The annotated Rodney Hide: treating parliament with contempt - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Feb 10, 2010

How far can a Minister of the Crown go in misrepresenting the facts of a matter before he is guilty of misleading the House? That’s not an easy question to answer, but any sensible reading of Rodney Hide’s speech in response to prime minister John Key’s statement to the House yesterday would suggest that if [...] … Read More

Treadgold and the NZ CSC: dogging a fled horse - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Feb 08, 2010

The campaign by the NZ Climate “Science” Coalition and Richard Treadgold’s “Climate Conversation Group” to cast doubt on the NZ temperature record and to smear the scientists who have worked on it has stepped up a notch or two in recent days, following a response by NIWA to an Official Information Act request from NZ [...] … Read More

Oops, he did it again - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Jan 08, 2010

It pays to beware of leaving hostages to fortune: saying or doing something that might cause you some embarrassment in the future. There’s a very fine example in this recent blog post by Ian Wishart, titled “Top 10 global warming myths exposed“. It takes the form of a piece Wishart has submitted to the Coromandel [...] … Read More

The Wizard turns on… - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Dec 30, 2009

Catching up with some of the stuff that got lost in the Copenhagen hubbub, this morning I stumbled on a major new effort to provide interactive climate data and visualisations — the Climate Wizard. This amazing tool is the web front end to a collection of temperature and precipitation data and model projections, and allows [...] … Read More