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Terry Pratchett lives on in the wires and how to see it for yourself - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Mar 18, 2015

Many readers will know the wonderful satirical writer Terry Pratchett passed away last week. I’ve just learnt from the Guardian newspaper of a rather sweet—and very geeky—memorial: Pratchett’s 33rd Discworld novel, Going Postal, tells of the creation of an internet-like system of communication towers called “the clacks”. When John Dearheart, the son of its inventor, is murdered, … Read More

Pratchett on becoming a manager: this too for scientists - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Feb 09, 2014

I frequently hear or read of senior scientists bemoaning that they no longer do science, but manage. That in becoming a PI (principle investigator) working life has become dominated by paperwork, coordinating things and meetings. Pratchett puts moving up career ladder to management responsibilities so eloquently in Night Watch (2002, hardback, p24) through the mind of … Read More