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Time travel - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Aug 24, 2012

On Monday evening this week I managed to do a bit of time travelling while driving back home. I was driving back through one of those heavy showers that have been marauding around the place recently, with windscreen wipers full pelt on a rather wet roa... Read More

Old and new - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Oct 21, 2011

Can't resist telling you this...Tuesday, after the conference sessions had finished and before the conference dinner, I travelled with my students by train from Wellington to Lower Hutt, to do a lightning visit to a couple of labs at Industrial Research Ltd. It was a very informative visit - I need to spend a bit more time there … Read More

Geo-tweets and population density - Seeing Data

Chris McDowall Dec 13, 2010

A few weeks back I animated 24 hours of Twitter data, mapping every tweet with geographic coordinates. I found it interesting to observe not only where geo-tweets occurred but also where they were absent. The video below tentatively explores the relationship between population density and where people are tweeting. This animation begins with a view focused on Wellington, New … Read More

A daylight conundrum - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Oct 29, 2010

Our organic alarm clock has now taken to jumping on the bed at about 5 in the morning and purring very loudly in an attempt to persuade us it's breakfast time. It's not surprising, since sunrise (and therefore cat-rise, if not Marcus-rise) is becoming earlier and earlier.Daylight hours are now long - in fact the South Pole is now in non-stop … Read More

Does the future affect the present? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson May 25, 2010

Well, my comment on Naked Short Selling has certainly sparked a bit of discussion (for readers on sci.waikato.ac.nz/physicsstop you'll need to look at the sciblogs hosting of the blog, https://sciblogs.co.nz/physics-stop/ ).  There's the reasonable question asked as to whether letting people trade in things they don't yet possess (basically anticipating the future - letting the future, or your interpretation of … Read More