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Why detox diets don’t work – the science behind how your body removes toxins - Nano Girl

Michelle Dickinson Mar 17, 2017

The health store shelves are filled with optimistic claims of weight loss products. It’s tempting after what may have been weeks of “I’ll start the diet tomorrow” to think about cleansing out your system to kick start your new body. Quick fix detox teas, juices and supplements are heavily marketed, enticing you to drink a magical natural potion which will rid … Read More

Natural AND Deadly - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Jun 22, 2013

The marketing industry makes use of phrases such a “made only from natural ingredients” or “all-natural” to sell a range of products. In making such claims they rely on the myth that anything “natural” is good for us. Perhaps this myth arises from the misguided anthropocentric belief that the natural world was somehow designed to serve humanity (though how lions, … Read More

Nanoparticles Decontaminate Tainted Drinks - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Apr 30, 2012

Researchers at Oklahoma State University have developed nanoparticle materials that can remove a range of contaminants from liquids including milk and juice. Such materials could provide a vital resource following disasters such as the breakdown of the Fukushima nuclear plant last year. One of the major environmental contaminants following Fukushima was radioactive strontium. Radioactive strontium readily accumulates in humans through … Read More