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The gravity of knowledge - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Jun 14, 2013

Thanks to an email from Eric Crampton I have been alerted to a paper, with the title given above, by Wolfgang Keller and Stephen Ross Yeaple on the transfer of knowledge between countries. More precisely the transfer of knowledge between countries but within multinational companies. The paper appears in the American Economic Review, 2013, 103(4): 1414–1444, and the … Read More

Making trade easier and less bureaucratic actually helps trade - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Jun 04, 2013

Who would have guessed? In a new column at VoxEU.org Bernard Hoekman and Ben Shepherd asks Who profits from trade-facilitation initiatives?. Trade-facilitation is just WTO jargon for making international trade easier and less bureaucratic. As it turns out trade-facilitation is one of the few areas where WTO talks are still making progress. The Hoekman and Shepard … Read More

Looking the wrong way: legal ivory market not linked to illegal - Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

Brendan Moyle Feb 12, 2013

This piece has already appeared on the NZ Herald Opinion page. My main concern here is to highlight that the legal market appears to be pretty well insulated from the illegal. —– I visited China for a research project on the ivory trade in January. It took two years of groundwork first. China is not an easy place to get … Read More

A parable about trade - The Dismal Science

Bill Kaye-Blake Oct 04, 2012

7.20 am, in a mall in Christchurch. I’m sitting at a cafe, the first customer of the day. So first, in fact, that they aren’t even ready to serve me. I watch the mall stores get ready. The butcher, the baker, the sushi-maker. Not exactly ‘Il est cinq heures, Paris s’eveille’, but not without its [...] … Read More

Water footprints – What do they mean for us in New Zealand? - Waiology

Waiology Dec 12, 2011

Guest post by Dr Sarah McLaren, Associate Professor at Massey University and Director of the NZLCM Centre. This article originally appeared in the Summer 2011 (December) issue of IrrigationNZ News. Have you heard that the water footprint of 1 kg beef is 15,500 litres, and of 1 kg cheese is 5,000 litres? Did you know that Unilever has … Read More

“Trade fuels demand”: Phrases that should be banned - Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

Brendan Moyle Nov 28, 2011

There are many phrases that cause me to wince. The oft-used ‘missing-link‘, beloved by newspaper headline writers, creationists and 1950s B-movie writers is one.  Another that is stubbornly popular in conservation literature is the oft-repeated claim that trade will fuel demand for wildlife parts.  This is typically used as a reason why trade in wildlife (or their parts) should not … Read More

Tim Groser to FedFarmers: Water is the key - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Nov 04, 2009

New Zealand doesn’t export milk and beef, or even grass. It exports water. This is how Tim Groser sees NZ’s agricultural relationship with the world. A country well-off in terms of water is well-prepared to feed a swelling global population. Tim Grosner wears many hats, but they are all connected: Minster of Trade, Minister of Conservation, Associate Minister of Foreign … Read More