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The tragedy of climate change - Planetary Ecology

Robert McLachlan Jun 06, 2019

Why is there pollution? Why is there an ecological crisis and why has it been so hard to deal with? There is certainly no shortage of culprits – people have blamed neoliberalism, capitalism, consumerism, economic growth, overpopulation, evil corporations, greed. But underneath all the many aspects of this difficult problem lies one fundamental phenomenon: the Tragedy of the Commons. This states … Read More

Pastoral method’s lack of a brand/name is the opposite of the ‘tragedy of the commons’ - Stick

Peter Kerr Sep 20, 2012

Our failure to neither name nor own the story to our pastoral method is a type of opposite ‘tragedy of the commons’. (See Wikipedia’s explanation here). The TotC was (and still is in some arenas, e.g. fishing) an overuse and … Continue reading → … Read More