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A personal train timetable - The Dismal Science

Aaron Schiff Mar 18, 2015

Fairly often I catch the train from Britomart to Newmarket for client meetings. It is quicker and much cheaper than taking a taxi but for various reasons I find it to be confusing. This is mainly because Newmarket is served by most, but not all train lines from Britomart, so you have to be careful […] … Read More

Transport Futures - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Dec 07, 2014

Thirty billion, 60 billion, one billion, 10 billion. Those are some of the numbers from the Ministry of Transport’s recent Future Demand project. 30 billion kilometres travelled a year on New Zealand roads (excluding trucks) – that’s 100 round trips to the sun.  $60 billion is the cost of the road network (that’s about four times the total … Read More

Fuel from water? - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Apr 10, 2014

Will we shortly be able to stop drilling oil and get fuels straight from the water around us? That’s been promoted for many decades now, but we may be getting closer. The US Naval Research Lab announced this week that they have a way of converting carbon dioxide and hydrogen from seawater into hydrocarbon fuels. And used it … Read More

Costs and (or lack of) benefits of transport projects - The Dismal Science

William Taylor Sep 10, 2013

Auckland Transport Blog have put up a post today discussing the costs and benefits of the planned transport projects in Auckland that the government is backing. I’ll discuss that in a second, but first there is something I want to get off my back regarding the assessment of transport projects. BCR ratios (aka CBA by […] … Read More

Sunday morning Antarctica, and the future of transport - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Aug 28, 2013

Chris Laidlaw interviewed the new Director of the British Antarctic Survey, Professor Jane Francis, in his Sunday Morning programme on National Radio in the weekend. I thought the discussion worth drawing attention to as an exemplar of the kind of thoughtful interviewing climate science deserves but only occasionally receives. The listening public also deserves such […] … Read More