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Consumptionomics - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker May 01, 2012

Business pages don’t often carry articles about the need to forsake the growth model. I was somewhat startled to come across one prominent in the NZ Herald business supplement last week. Journalist Chris Barton wrote about the ideas of Chandran Nair, author of Consumptionomics and a speaker at this year’s Auckland Writers & Readers Festival [...] … Read More

Pilots also optional? - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Apr 29, 2012

In my last post I noted the shift to increasing automation on the roads. We are also seeing this in the air. In the US legislative and budgetary initiatives are set to encourage greater use of unmanned aerial vehicles (aka Drones) in domestic airspace. Some fliers are in a tailspin about the dangers this poses to … Read More

Drivers optional - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Apr 27, 2012

Self-driving cars — such as Google’s (but also real car makers, like BMW, Audi and General Motors) — are still some years away from being available to the common or garden back seat driver. None-the-less Nevada has introduced regulations establishing procedures for their use on public roads, and California is also keen … Read More