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Morality and autonomous vehicles - Guest Work

Guest Author Jun 27, 2016

By Dr Carolyn Mason, Lecturer, Philosophy, University of Canterbury A new study published in Science finds that the majority of research participants accept that it is morally right to program autonomous vehicles (AVs) to kill the occupant of the car to save ten pedestrians. As the authors Bonnefon, Shariff and Rahwan point out, this result agrees with utilitarianism, that … Read More

Counting carbon – knowledge is power - Infrequently Asked Questions

Lynley Hargreaves Jun 21, 2016

One of the striking things for University of Waikato law Professor Barry Barton, while working on the Royal Society of New Zealand report Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy for New Zealand, was how often his scientific colleagues had to tell him they didn’t have necessary data on New Zealand’s carbon emissions options. Without that information, we don’t know … Read More

Visualising freight transport in NZ - The Dismal Science

Aaron Schiff Apr 10, 2015

In March last year the Ministry of Transport published the National Freight Demand Study. Among many other interesting things, the study includes estimates of total freight volumes between regions within New Zealand for each of three modes: road, rail, and coastal shipping. I’ve been working with one of the report’s main authors, Richard Paling, to […] … Read More

Oil vs GDP - The Dismal Science

Aaron Schiff Mar 20, 2015

Via Erik Brynjolfsson on Twitter, I found the chart below of US oil consumption and GDP, which is part of a nice interactive by Bloomberg. It’s interesting to take a close look at the data from around 2008 onwards; I’ve made some crude (pun intended) annotations: Up to about 2011, US oil consumption correlates pretty […] … Read More

A personal train timetable - The Dismal Science

Aaron Schiff Mar 18, 2015

Fairly often I catch the train from Britomart to Newmarket for client meetings. It is quicker and much cheaper than taking a taxi but for various reasons I find it to be confusing. This is mainly because Newmarket is served by most, but not all train lines from Britomart, so you have to be careful […] … Read More

Transport Futures - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Dec 07, 2014

Thirty billion, 60 billion, one billion, 10 billion. Those are some of the numbers from the Ministry of Transport’s recent Future Demand project. 30 billion kilometres travelled a year on New Zealand roads (excluding trucks) – that’s 100 round trips to the sun.  $60 billion is the cost of the road network (that’s about four times the total … Read More