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I’ve always wondered: why is a green screen green? - Guest Work

Guest Author Mar 15, 2018

Lincoln Turner, Monash University and Russell Anderson, Monash University This is an article from I’ve Always Wondered, a series where readers send in questions they’d like an expert to answer. Send your question to alwayswondered@theconversation.edu.au I’ve always wondered why is a green screen green in TV and film making, as opposed to blue or white or … Read More

"Arrow" Needs A Science Advisor! - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds May 15, 2013

I’m a sucker for (super)hero movies and TV series. This week “Arrow”, a TV reinvention of DC comics Green Arrow character started on TV 2. Reviews of this series coming out of the US are pretty good and the first episode kept me fairly well entertained. In fact I couldn’t help peeking at a few future episodes using Youtube, which … Read More

Which TV Show Best Demonstrates the Scientific Method? - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Apr 25, 2013

A number of TV shows incorporate aspects of science into their story lines, some more successfully than others. I’m interested in reader’s opinions of which show(s) best demonstrate the scientific method? CSI, Sherlock, Elementary, NCIS, Big Bang Theory or something else….. What’s your pick for the best (and perhaps the worst) demonstration of the scientific method?     … Read More

Te Radar wades into water - Waiology

Waiology Nov 03, 2011

By Daniel Collins Soon after ‘Ever Wondered?’ screened its episode on water back in September, TV1 viewers were treated to another installment on water resources, this time by Kiwi entertainer Te Radar on ‘Global Radar’. He set the scene thus: ‘It’s an incredible resource, water, and one that I think we take for granted.’ While the ‘Ever Wondered?’ … Read More

As seen on TV - Waiology

Waiology Nov 01, 2011

By Daniel Collins ‘Water. It turns the turbines that power our country, and it irrigates the fields that power our economy.’ With that, John Watt introduced an episode of ‘Ever Wondered?’ about water. Three NIWA scientists, myself included, were among those who featured in the half-hour show. The thrust of the episode was to examine how much water … Read More