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Monday Micro: Ebola update and NZ preparedness - Infectious Thoughts

Siouxsie Wiles Nov 24, 2014

With Ebola now moving into Mali, I thought it was time for a quick update and some links. According to the CDC and WHO, as of the 16th November 2014 there have been an estimated 15145 cases, including 5420 deaths. Since the end of October there have been 6 cases in neighbouring Mali; all cases have died. American … Read More

Fighting antibiotic resistance: from Obama to TV3! - Infectious Thoughts

Siouxsie Wiles Sep 25, 2014

“Ascomycetes“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons. Last week President Obama signed an Executive Order aimed at combating antibiotic resistant superbugs. The order establishes a task force and a Presidential Advisory Committee which will look at how the US can implement a national strategy to … Read More

The great climate voter debate - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Sep 07, 2014

Last week’s Great Climate Voter Debate is a must view for anyone wanting to understand NZ’s mainstream political parties stance on policies to address carbon emissions and climate change. Moderated by TV3’s Samantha Hayes, the debate features climate change minister Tim Groser, Labour’s deputy leader David Parker, Greens co-leader Russel Norman, NZ First’s deputy leader […] … Read More

TV3′s The Nation: Antarctica and public understanding of climate change - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Apr 24, 2014

A few days have passed since Lisa Owen’s interview with Antarctic scientists Chuck Kennicutt of the US and Gary Wilson of New Zealand on TV3’s The Nation but I hope it’s still worth drawing attention to. Programmes like The Nation tend to focus on immediate political excitements. It was therefore a pleasant surprise to see […] … Read More

Lip service: NZ government infested with climate denial - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Nov 15, 2013

Over the last few years I’ve documented the current NZ government’s lackadaisical attitude to climate change policy. They’ve gutted the emissions trading scheme and dismantled sensible initiatives, ensuring that NZ emissions are on course to grow steeply. Last night, TV3 News asked three senior cabinet ministers whether they believed in the reality of climate change, […] … Read More

Climate of complacency #2: de Freitas lies to TV3 - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Jan 14, 2013

Imagine my shock when I discovered today that Chris de Freitas — the Auckland University academic who hit the news a couple of years ago when it was found that he was teaching climate denial to first year students, but who has a 20 year history of advocating for inaction on climate change — had [...] … Read More

Chemical-free alternatives (as seen on TV3) - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Oct 09, 2010

Campbell Live has last night featured a presentation by Wendyl Nisson offering ’chemical free’ alternatives to various products, promoting her recent book. Of course, they are not ’chemical free’. As Alison wrote in a recent post, 'Natural', perhaps, but definitely not 'chemical-free'. This story repeats the ’chemical-free’ theme throughout: ’The … Read More