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Six months on – concerns about MH17 investigation - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Jan 19, 2015

People around the world are frustrated over the sluggishness of the official investigation into the MH17 tragedy. The documentary “Reflections on MH17″ describes some of this frustration felt by families of the victims and those who are carrying out their own investigations or attempting legal actions. This short video from the BBC endorses the concerns at … … Continue reading … Read More

Dirty politics over MH17? - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Dec 10, 2014

I have followed events in Ukraine for a year now and learned very early on never to be surprised. There have been so many seemingly outrageous things happen. On the one hand this has kept the Ukrainian events in the news. On the other it probably serves as a warning. There is just so much … … Continue reading … Read More

MH17 – Preliminary report leaves most conspiracy theories intact - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Sep 10, 2014

Click on image above, or link below, to download report I downloaded the official Preliminary report of the MH17 crash in east Ukraine last night. I must say that although the report appears comprehensive as far as it goes – it doesn’t go far. Certainly nowhere near answering the questions everyone has about this tragedy. It does … … Continue reading … Read More

Accidental Renaissance – or intuition? - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Aug 11, 2014

Saw this photo on the Guardian – see Accidental Renaissance: the photos that look like Italian paintings. The author says: “Currently doing the rounds on Twitter is the image below, taken from Facebook by artist James Harvey, whose tweet has been shared thousands of times. It depicts one of the fairly frequent brawls in Ukrainian parliament which, while undoubtedly … … Continue reading … Read More