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Climategate — Journalist withdraws and apologises - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Jul 08, 2010

Hot Topic has an informative article covering the the Independent Climate Change Email Review chaired by Sir Muir Russell (see Climategate’s final fizzle). The report can be downloaded here (FINAL REPORT). It’s 160 pages and appears very thorough. But it will take a little time to read. Listen to the press conference where the report [...] … Read More

Climategate's final act ignored by NZ media - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Apr 20, 2010

When I was reporting for the Herald on convoluted and long-running stories like the dismantling of Telecom’s monopoly on the phone and internet market, I felt obliged to cover each major phase of the story through to completion. It seems the same isn’t true of the New Zealand media in general when it comes to the “Climategate” controversy involving the … Read More

Officially a fake scandal from science perspective - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Apr 15, 2010

Well, the latest report from inquiries into the “climategate” affair confirm that the scientific conclusions of climate scientists at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU), University of East Anglia stand on “solid ground.” The report is clear – relatively short and well worth reading. (Download Report of the International Panel set up by the University of [...] … Read More

Institute of Physics in hot seat - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Mar 05, 2010

The UK Institute of Physiscs (IOP) is currently the darling of the climate change deniers, but has upset its own members. The Guardian has found their submission to the UK Parliamentary “Climategate” Hearing was prepared by a small clique, including a well known climate change denier. Now members are protesting. Some may even resign. The [...] … Read More