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Quantum memory improves (vastly) - misc.ience

Aimee Whitcroft Jun 24, 2010

Let’s hope I manage to explain this properly 🙂 Photons make up light. Firstly, a shoutout to a local – a University of Otago researcher was actually involved in this.  Hooray!  It means I get, not only to geek out, but to have pride in doing so.  Always a nice feeling. So, on … Read More

Upcoming popular lectures by Professor Lawrence Krauss - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Mar 10, 2010

The Psychology Department of the University of Otago is sponsoring two talks by leading physicist Professor Lawrence Krauss next week. If you’re in town, be there! Among his popular science books are Hiding in the Mirror (2005) and The Physics of Star Trek (1995). Hiding in the Mirror is subtitled: The Quest for Alternate … Read More

On the sequencing of the pea aphid genome - Guest Work

Guest Author Feb 26, 2010

By Dr Peter Dearden* My group has been involved with genome sequencing since 2004, when we were asked to become involved with the honeybee genome. This week we published our second insect genome, that of the Pea Aphid which was the culmination of 6 years collaborative work with over 200 scientists from 15 countries. The project has cost several … Read More