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Four in five New Zealanders plan to get vaccinated, but many people want more information about vaccine safety - COVID-19

Guest Author Jul 15, 2021

Jagadish Thaker, Massey University   New Zealanders’ intention to get a COVID-19 vaccine is at its highest since last year, at 81% of the adult population, according to our latest research. Ministry of Health surveys, which have been tracking public acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines since last year, also confirm the potential uptake has increased to 80% in May, … Read More

New Zealand’s second-largest city faces weeks of delays in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout - COVID-19

Guest Author Jul 06, 2021

Bernard Walker, University of Canterbury   A crucial delivery of 150,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine has arrived in New Zealand this week, ahead of schedule. But at the same time, the vaccination of most people living in the Canterbury region has been moved back by at least two months. For the rest of the country, people in … Read More

Let’s hold off vaccinating children and teens against COVID-19. Prioritising adults is our best shot for now - COVID-19

Guest Author Jul 06, 2021

Fiona Russell, The University of Melbourne; Peter McIntyre, The University of Otago; and Shidan Tosif, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute   Eighteen months into the COVID-19 pandemic, some countries that have achieved high vaccination coverage in adults have started vaccinating adolescents aged 12-15. Drivers to vaccinate children and adolescents include building confidence to open schools, preventing severe disease, and reducing transmission … Read More

what is the “magneto” protein, & why are references to a 2016 paper suddenly in my feed? - BioBlog

Alison Campbell Jul 05, 2021

A few days back an article in The Guardian popped up in my newsfeed. It was quite old – published in 2016 – but it looked interesting, so I read it & also tracked down the original paper. The article & research paper describe work done to develop and test a potential tool for unpicking and understanding the … Read More

At least four in five New Zealanders will have to be vaccinated before border controls can be fully relaxed - COVID-19

Guest Author Jul 02, 2021

Nicholas Steyn, University of Auckland; Michael Plank, University of Canterbury, and Shaun Hendy, University of Auckland   New Zealand will have to maintain some border controls and public health measures until a high proportion of the population is vaccinated, according to our latest modelling study, released today as a pre-print ahead of peer review. For the alpha variant of … Read More

New Zealand has managed to dodge the COVID-19 bullet, again. Here’s why - COVID-19

Guest Author Jul 01, 2021

Arindam Basu, University of Canterbury   New Zealand has avoided community transmission, even though an Australian visitor tested positive for the delta variant which dominates Australia’s latest COVID-19 outbreaks. New Zealand health authorities were quick to react, isolating and testing contacts and suspending travel. Of the traveller’s 2,609 contacts, 93% have now returned a negative test result. But given … Read More

Why New Zealand is more vulnerable to a new COVID-19 outbreak than ever before - COVID-19

Guest Author Jun 25, 2021

Matthew Hobbs, University of Canterbury; Lesley Gray, University of Otago; and Malcolm Campbell, University of Canterbury   Health authorities have raised the COVID-19 alert to level 2 for Wellington, from 6pm today until midnight on Sunday, after an Australian traveller who visited the New Zealand capital at the weekend tested positive on their return home. The news comes … Read More

Could the COVID vaccines affect your period? We don’t know yet — but there’s no cause for concern - COVID-19

Guest Author May 04, 2021

Michelle Wise, University of Auckland Over recent weeks, news reports have indicated some women are experiencing irregularities in their menstrual cycles after receiving a COVID vaccine. This has included periods arriving early and being heavier than usual, or being absent or late, among other changes. At this stage, there’s no research evidence to support these anecdotal reports. But it … Read More

so much misinformation on a page supposedly about health - BioBlog

Alison Campbell Apr 15, 2021

It’s always something of a shock to come across a page run by a health-focused business that contains substantial misinformation. This one left me gobsmacked, given the sheer number of statements that are demonstrably untrue. And while a fair bit of the content is prefaced by the statement that it’s the personal opinion of one individual, the fact that … Read More