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IAS Complaint Part 3: Vaccine ingredients — Not so bad really - Skepticon

Darcy Cowan Oct 13, 2011

Next up in our voyage of crank discovery, via extracts from my IAS charity complaint, is a breakdown of simplistic reasoning around vaccine ingredients. Again, I have reproduced elements of the original article here for your convenience. The following example was posted as a look at vaccine ingredients in two parts. I will not be [...] … Read More

IAS Complaint Part 1: Thimerosal in Your Vaccine? No. - Skepticon

Darcy Cowan Oct 11, 2011

As promised here is the first of the articles that I deal with in the formal complaint I made to the Charities Commission regarding the misinformation spread by the anti-vaccine charity IAS.  So, with out further ado (what is ado anyway?) here is the link to the offending piece and my rebuttal: Thimerosal in your [...] … Read More

Anti-Vaccine Charities — Is there any Quality control on Charities? - Skepticon

Darcy Cowan Oct 11, 2011

I haven’t really been writing much lately, for this blog at least. Much that is due to simple procrastination but earlier this year my free time was spent doing something equally stimulating. Back in July I submitted a complaint to the New Zealand Charities Commission, which they (allegedly) are currently investigating, about the Immunisation Awareness [...] … Read More

Whooping cough, vaccines, cocooning and the IAS - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Oct 08, 2011

Earlier this week the Otago Daily Times, locally known as the ODT, had on page nine an article titled Whooping cough vaccination ‘cocooning’ call. In New Zealand, at this time, we have a number of vaccine-preventable illness in the community. One is meningococcal meningitis (strain C). Rubella is another. Whooping cough, or pertussis, is yet another. Read More

Abbie Smith on vaccines, your immune system and viruses - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Aug 14, 2011

Here’s a talk for non-scientists about your immune system, viruses and vaccines by Abbie Smith, a graduate student from the University of Oklahoma who writes the ERV blog. (ERV = endogenous retrovirus) She also spends a little time talking about HIV, which she studies. She’s an enthusiastic and natural speaker. (Being a Freethought meeting these are a … Read More

Reviewing Deadly Choices - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Aug 07, 2011

Deadly Choices isn’t something I’d usually read, but spotting the book in the library I thought I’d lightly read it to see if I’d recommend it to readers outside of the USA, particularly in New Zealand.[1] It is an excellent book for those wanting an easier read on the anti-vaccine movement in the … Read More

The worm from the deep! and other stories - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jun 03, 2011

POT-POURRI: A reading collection for a winter’s evening. Popular science, careers, protein bioinformatics and a little controversy for good measure. Named for the light-hating demon of the underworld. A kilometre below the earth’s surface a nematode worm (roundworm) lives, feeding on bacterial goo. You really can’t go past Nadia Drake’s article at Nature … Read More

Update – BMJ Wakefield series continues, fingers pointed at Lancet and Royal Free - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jan 24, 2011

A pointer to further articles by Brian Deer and others, highlighting an excellent comment by a reader of Respectful Insolence and brief thoughts. The British Medical Journal–better known by it’s acronym, BMJ–continues to offer articles by Brian Deer on the long-running Wakefield saga, accompanied by several opinion pieces and editorials. In particular Deer’s … Read More

Fact or fallacy, a survey of immunisation statements in the print media - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jan 19, 2011

Most of us know anecdotally that print media on occasion present immunisation information incorrectly, but you can’t put a finger on how often and when without hard numbers. A recent research article examining New Zealand newspapers puts numbers to the errors. Helen Petousis-Harris led a team surveying the immunisation statements in articles printed in four national … Read More