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Report brings facts for the fluffy functional foods and nutraceuticals industries - Stick

Peter Kerr Nov 22, 2011

You have to give Coriolis top marks for what it has come up with in its food report for the Ministry of Economic Development on ‘Nutraceuticals & Foods for Health’. This paper hovers between information and knowledge, with enough observations … Continue reading → … Read More

Time to read fine print of manuka research project specs - Stick

Peter Kerr Nov 03, 2011

The puller-togetherer of the Manuka Research Partnership Ltd is reading the fine print of the Primary Growth Partnership contract with MAF. Neil Walker has no inside knowledge on whether the consortium’s biggest player, Comvita, will or won’t get taken over … Continue reading → … Read More

Honey deal not so sweet - Stick

Peter Kerr Oct 27, 2011

Sometimes it takes somebody else to bring to light the reason you’re uncomfortable with something. In this case, Wellington’s Vantage Consulting Group director David Miller has unearthed the nub of the challenge underneath the proposed buy-out of manuka honey (and … Continue reading → … Read More

High level ‘innovation’ thinking receives scant attention - Stick

Peter Kerr Aug 04, 2011

At last, some slightly solid thinking about the innovation part of our economy. Sir Peter Gluckman’s under-reported speech on the ‘Globalisation of science: New Zealand’s R&D direction’ is the first tentative indication of some higher level views on how we … Continue reading → … Read More

There’s money in manuka honey, and trial aims to greatly increase it - Stick

Peter Kerr May 19, 2011

There’s plenty of research on why manuka honey’s so useful from a medical and human health point of view. Equally we understand bees pretty well. The missing part of the puzzle, ironically, particularly as it is a plant that’s indigenous … Continue reading → … Read More

Random points of interest from NZBio - Stick

Peter Kerr Mar 24, 2011

Back from NZBio’s annual conference, with a tonne of notes and not sure how to make them all make sense. However, some random points of interest – unthemed. • When talking with the media, scientists need to overcome their embarrassment … Continue reading → … Read More

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