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Biological variability and Pakistani batting collapses - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Nov 21, 2018

So, yesterday we had our Science Communication students looking at social media and blogging in particular. Alison Campbell and I talked through what makes a good science blog, and the students got to explore sciblogs.co.nz and look for themselves*.  In the coming week, the students need to put up a blog entry themselves. (I’m afraid these will be private … Read More

What makes wetlands wet lands? - Waiology

Waiology Feb 04, 2013

By Daniel Collins The simple answer is, of course, water. But that says little about the natural history of wetlands, or what physical conditions are necessary to maintain, restore or even engineer them. For that, we need to take a closer look at wetland hydrology. Wetlands are tracts of land that are water-logged at least seasonally. They may be spongy … Read More

Citizen science: How deep is the snow at your place? - Waiology

Waiology Jun 06, 2012

By Daniel Collins and Ross Woods Measurements of snowfall at low elevations around New Zealand are few and far between, and yet the data would be really helpful in understanding how snowfall occurs and quantifying snow-related risks. After all, the large majority of New Zealand’s population and infrastructure reside closer to the coast than the mountains. And so we’d like … Read More

Measuring snow and rain with a crashed spaceship - Waiology

Waiology Oct 25, 2011

Guest post by Dr Tim Kerr (post-doctoral fellow funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and hosted by NIWA) Back in June, Daniel described New Zealand’s rain as coming mainly from the plains mountains. In the South Island, that generally means the Southern Alps. One of science’s tasks is to refine our understanding of where, why and … Read More

Land of the big white snow - Waiology

Waiology Aug 16, 2011

By Ross Woods Snow falling at Viaduct Harbour in Auckland on Monday 15 August 2011? Amazing, but true. We had some unusual snow in Christchurch a couple of weeks ago, but this time the wild white weather is spread very widely over New Zealand. Two weeks ago, lots of people got out there making some excellent measurements, which I … Read More

Rain mainly in the plains? Not so much - Waiology

Waiology Jun 17, 2011

By Daniel Collins Despite what they say on Broadway, the rain in Spain does not stay mainly in the plain. Most of New Zealand’s rain doesn’t fall in the plains either, but in the mountains, particularly the Southern Alps. This is why the West Coast is so wet. The plains are in fact quite dry in comparison. In an … Read More

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