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Christchurch rockfall - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Sep 16, 2011

While I slave away, looking forward to the weekend when I might find time to write something (as opposed to pasting up other’s work*), two items on rockfall in, or from, the Port Hills. The Port Hills lie to the south of the city, forming the northern portion of what locally is known as the Crater … Read More

Abbie Smith on vaccines, your immune system and viruses - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Aug 14, 2011

Here’s a talk for non-scientists about your immune system, viruses and vaccines by Abbie Smith, a graduate student from the University of Oklahoma who writes the ERV blog. (ERV = endogenous retrovirus) She also spends a little time talking about HIV, which she studies. She’s an enthusiastic and natural speaker. (Being a Freethought meeting these are a … Read More

The first science films - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Aug 09, 2011

This short video from NewScientist introduces the first science films. They’re delightful, and I love the insights into how they were made, but I am the only one who find the juggling flies just a tiny bit gross? (The few comments at YouTube, at the time I read them, were all delighted with the flies.) … Read More

What genetic changes make us human? - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jul 22, 2011

Katherine Pollard sets her aim at about 2:05 into the presentation: ’we want to pinpoint the parts of the human genome that are most different [...] between humans and chimps, or other primates, and try to link these to human-specific biology.’ She talks about work by her research group finding the portions of the human genome … Read More

Man-made bird flies - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jul 18, 2011

I want one of these. Way better than those little rubber-band powered balsa and polystyrene gliders we had as kids. Of course what these people have developed is a little more advanced than a bit of wood and foam - and a whole lot more fun to watch. This … Read More

GNS geologist Kevin Berryman speaking at July 15th Christchurch earthquake media briefing - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jul 17, 2011

Below is a video of Kevin Berryman’s presentation at the July 15th CERA media briefing. In it he presents over approximately 15 minutes data gathered from the June 13th events and looking forward – I hope that the extra detail over-and-above that seen in general media is useful, or at least interesting, to some readers. Read More

The Vulcan Laser - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jun 16, 2011

For a bit of light relief and as a follow-on of sorts from Aimee Whitcroft’s recent post Dr Evil’s fondest wish may yet come true (you can’t miss a post with title like that, surely), I bring you this video from the Backstage Science series of a tour around one of the world’s most intense lasers, the Vulcan Laser: … Read More