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Tsunami forecast animation & warning systems - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Mar 14, 2011

Short videos & articles on tsunami and earthquake warning systems. This video provided by NOAA* shows a one-minute animation of forecast results** for the tsunami from the March 11th Honshu M=9.0 earthquake: [embed]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr8ISvC_Krw[/embed] Animations like this prove to be a regular feature from this source, with animations like the one … Read More

Printing a human kidney - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Mar 11, 2011

FRIDAY VIDEO: Speaking at TED surgeon Anthony Atala presents early work on ‘printing’ a kidney and other regenerative medicine. The basic idea is to use a 3-D printer working with living cells to create an organ, for example a kidney. (Do remember that most of the work talked about is about prototypes, looking to … Read More

On learning the sounds of a new (spoken) language - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Feb 17, 2011

Infants learn languages so easily. In particular, they are able to distinguish the important sounds in a language. Below are two videos of lectures given by Professor Patricia Kuhl (University of Washington) exploring how infants learn language. The first first, the shorter of the two, is a TEDx presentation; the latter is a longer … Read More