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Te Radar wades into water - Waiology

Waiology Nov 03, 2011

By Daniel Collins Soon after ‘Ever Wondered?’ screened its episode on water back in September, TV1 viewers were treated to another installment on water resources, this time by Kiwi entertainer Te Radar on ‘Global Radar’. He set the scene thus: ‘It’s an incredible resource, water, and one that I think we take for granted.’ While the ‘Ever Wondered?’ … Read More

Tim Groser to FedFarmers: Water is the key - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Nov 04, 2009

New Zealand doesn’t export milk and beef, or even grass. It exports water. This is how Tim Groser sees NZ’s agricultural relationship with the world. A country well-off in terms of water is well-prepared to feed a swelling global population. Tim Grosner wears many hats, but they are all connected: Minster of Trade, Minister of Conservation, Associate Minister of Foreign … Read More