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Is Nature Mechanical? - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds May 12, 2013

“Is Nature Mechanical?” is the name of the first chapter in Rupert Sheldrake’s book “The Science Delusion”*, a book in which Sheldrake challenges what he calls the “Scientific Creed”, ten beliefs which he claims that “most scientists take for granted”. (I previously posted a TED presentation where Sheldrake outlines and criticises his “Scientific Creed”) In “Is Nature Mechanical?” Sheldrake begins … Read More

Thai Yoga Massage: Herald, Wherefore Art Thou Sense? - Skepticon

Darcy Cowan Jan 13, 2012

So here I am, again latching onto the brilliance of others and writing my own counterpoint to the nonsense that is currently being run in the NZ Herald under the “Alternative Therapies” summer fluff. Previously Alison kicked us off by looking at the use of medicinal leeches, as did  Siouxsie, and Michael took on Ayurvedic [...] … Read More

Vitalism ideology in chiropractic advertising - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jul 25, 2010

A dissection of an advertisement in which a local chiropractor tries to make vitalism sound credible It’s been a very long time since I have taken the local chiropractor to task over one of his advertisements. I’m not able to give a full dose of Respectful Insolence in Orac’s inimitable style, but the chiropractor’s … Read More