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Faith justified? – a vital tale - Kidney Punch

John Pickering Oct 19, 2012

Expensive pee or elixir of life?  The two extreme views of multivitamins.  I’ve been taking multivitamins for a number of years now.  I’ve taken them on faith backed by a little evidence.  This week, I think for the first time, a randomised controlled trial has provided high quality evidence that my faith is justified.  More … Continue reading » … Read More

Vitamyths - MacDoctor

Jim McVeagh Dec 29, 2011

Vi♦ta♦myth [vahy-tuh-mith; Brit. also vit-uh-mith] A factoid about vitamins that is wildly inaccurate or untrue Vitamyths come from both ends of the vitamin spectrum. Those who promote the consumption of vast amounts of vitamins are usually happy to make outlandish claims about their efficacy. This is, in some ways, quite understandable, as it is in [...] Related posts: … Read More

Vitamins: Myths, facts, use and misuse - Guest Work

Guest Author Nov 10, 2011

By Louis Roller, Honorary Associate Professor in Pharmacy Practice at Monash University The belief that supranutritional doses of vitamins will improve quality of life doesn’t match what science tells us. When it comes to using vitamins to supplement diets, there’s a wide gap between what science says and what many consumers believe. A recent study, for instance, … Read More

Too much of a good thing? - Food Stuff

Amanda Johnson Oct 18, 2011

The debate about vitamin and mineral supplements was sparked again last week following the publication of two studies suggesting that vitamin and mineral supplements may be associated with increased mortality risk. The Iowa Women’s Health study, just published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, assessed the use of vitamin and mineral supplements in relation to total mortality in … Read More

Vitamin Victims? - MacDoctor

Jim McVeagh Apr 19, 2010

Here is a good illustration why newspapers desperately need proper science reporters: Major research finds link between multi-vitamin pills and breast cancer Women who regularly take multi-vitamin pills face a much higher risk of breast cancer, a study has found. The Swedish study, which looked at more than 35,000 women aged between 49 and 83 during a 10-year [...] Related … Read More