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Shifting climate and Sauvignon blanc style – Can you taste the future? - Guest Work

Guest Author Feb 10, 2017

By Dr Glen Creasy, Senior Lecturer in Viticulture, Lincoln University. Wine is a fascinating beverage. It is the culmination of a myriad of effects on the grapevine and its fruit, decisions made by the winemaker, handling of the bottles and the time until it’s poured into your glass. It is an expression of the environment it was made in, … Read More

In a warming world, we'll be drinking more homegrown wine - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Apr 09, 2013

Some of the world’s best known wine growing regions, California’s Napa Valley and France’s Bordeaux region among them, are in for a rough time thanks to climate change. In fact, the sources of the world’s most productive wine regions are likely to alter radically in the coming decades as climate change makes currently prime wine growing areas ill-suited to … Read More