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The global water cycle has become more intense, and that makes New Zealand’s wet regions wetter, and dry ones drier - The Changing Climate

Guest Author Aug 10, 2021

James Renwick, Te Herenga Waka — Victoria University of Wellington   The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has delivered a sobering update on how much the Earth has warmed and how the climate system is responding. The IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) is the most comprehensive yet. It shows Earth is now 1.09℃ warmer than it was … Read More

Tussocks – a fundamental component of New Zealand’s water cycle - Waiology

Waiology Oct 20, 2014

By Alice Trevelyan, Sarah Mager and Peter Wilson The significance of fog deposition to increased water yield has been contested for many years, especially across the Otago region. Determining the importance of the role of tussock grasslands in the hydrological system is becoming increasingly important, especially over the summer periods when the demand for water for irrigation, recreation and domestic … Read More

Waiology moving from water cycle to freshwater sciences - Waiology

Waiology Nov 26, 2012

By Daniel Collins After over a year serving New Zealand as a source of information and discussion on hydrology and the water cycle, I am pleased to announce that Waiology is expanding its scope to freshwater sciences and allied disciplines more generally. This includes all things hydrological, as before, but also aquatic ecology and chemistry, fluvial geomorphology, hydraulic engineering, and … Read More

Edmond Halley, an underappreciated hydrologist - Waiology

Waiology Jan 09, 2012

By Daniel Collins I remember in 1986 going to the Beverly-Begg Observatory, in Dunedin, to see Halley’s Comet. At the time, I was a young kid fascinated with astronomy. I had discovered a book on the topic the previous year while on holiday in Central Otago, and soon joined an astronomy club. Through the club, I built a basic … Read More

Where to get information on NZ hydrology - Waiology

Waiology Dec 08, 2011

By Daniel Collins While we’re building up Waiology to be a useful reference for those of you who are interested in New Zealand’s hydrology and freshwaters, I thought it would also be good to mention some other useful resources available. BOOKS Freshwaters of New Zealand. Edited by Jon Harding, Paul Mosley, Charles Pearson and Brian Sorrell. Jointly published in … Read More

The importance of groundwater - Waiology

Waiology Nov 14, 2011

By Tiejun Wang Groundwater is one of the most important natural resources in New Zealand, which by one estimate accounts for about 80% of the water present at any one time across and beneath the country. According to a 2010 review of water allocation [2], the number of groundwater consents accounts for 68% of all national consents. In … Read More

Plants in the water cycle - Waiology

Waiology Jun 30, 2011

By Daniel Collins When you think about hydrology, the first things that come to mind are often rain and rivers, not plants. But plants have a significant effect on how much rain actually reaches the rivers. We see this most readily in the reduction in river flow when grassland is replaced by shrubland or forest. Low flows, mean flow and … Read More

Introducing Waterscape - Waiology

Waiology Jun 13, 2011

By Ross Woods Hydrology is the study of the presence and movement of water over and under the Earth’s surface. Like many sciences, hydrology is often partitioned into sub-disciplines: surface hydrology and groundwater hydrology. This separation shows up in hydrology courses at universities, in research programmes and organisations, and in the way resource management agencies manage water. It’s a natural … Read More

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