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NZ beaches: Contaminated as - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Jan 08, 2010

“Due to water pollution the public are warned against swimming, fishing and taking shellfish in this vicinity.” So say health warnings on many of our beaches. Almost a third of our beaches, lakes and rivers were deemed unsafe by MfE during the 08-09 summer, according to a Consumer NZ report covered by NZ Herald. I’d tell you more if … Read More

MfE groundwater report: “Propaganda” or misunderstood? - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Oct 22, 2009

The Ministry for the Environment released a report yesterday on New Zealand’s groundwater quality, prepared by Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd. Today, I read in the Christchurch Press that the report concludes that “groundwater quality has no significant relationship with land use”. What’s more, Green Party co-leader Russel Norman called it “propaganda”. Bold claims indeed. Fortunately we can … Read More