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Ice and the freezer - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jan 11, 2010

Last Saturday I got around to doing one of those long overdue jobs in the house - defrosting and clearing out the freezer. There are numerous reasons why this was a good idea - it's not just about getting rid of the food that has been there rather too long, but also about making sure it works properly. There was probably about … Read More

Back to the long-neglected blog - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jan 05, 2010

Well, I'm back in at work now after three weeks and four and a half thousand kilometres.  Pleased to discover that in my absence the house hadn't burnt down, there had been no floods and Christmas presents hadn't been stolen.So it's now back to trawling through three weeks' worth of emails, catching up with how student projects have developed in … Read More

The We(s)t Coast - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Dec 23, 2009

Back online briefly - blogging is a bit tricky from campsites - not all of them have wireless broadband connections yet - particularly on the West Coast.For those non-New Zealanders, 'West Coast' refers to the west coast of the South Island, which I have now driven the length of. Or as much as is accessible by road, anyway. Having done … Read More

Climate change - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Dec 10, 2009

I feel that, as a physicist, I should be making some reasonable and informed comment on the Copenhagen summit. After all, climate is immensely physicsy. We have fluid flow, conduction, convection and radiation of heat, interaction of electromagnetic radiation with electrons in molecules, scattering of light by small particles, solar activity (on second thoughts, … Read More

What’s that buzzing? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Nov 12, 2009

(Amended to correct major factual blunder - whoops - and more details added from original post of earlier today).I was fascinated to read in the Herald this morning about the anti-teenager sounds that are being used to deter graffiti artists. High-pitched sounds that only the young can hear are being used to deter people away from places that … Read More

Fishics - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Sep 24, 2009

Eco-systems are of course very complex things - the success of one species is linked to the success of another, which is linked to another, and all of which are linked to outside factors such as climate etc etc.  Now there is direct evidence of another degree of complexity in the ocean eco-system, namely that fish (and other swimmy things) … Read More

Pesky dishwasher - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Sep 03, 2009

We've had our dishwasher for a couple of years, acquiring it after the one we inherited with the house went out with a bang (and shot sparks the entire length of the kitchen.) It's a nice dishwasher - that is, it washes dishes nicely, but it's got an annoying habit that I have just experienced for about the zillionth time. Read More