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The advantage of a transponder - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Mar 17, 2014

So, as I said, it appears that it's awfully hard to hide a commercial airliner from military radar. But let's backtrack a bit. Why do aircraft carry transponders? (What is a transponder?) There are a couple of reasons here. First, we need to look at a big problem with radar. It has limited range. We can see this … Read More

A year’s weather in 8 minutes (and other things) - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Jan 30, 2014

From the team at EUTMETSAT: all the weather of 2013 as seen from the world’s weather-watching satellites. It’s an HD video, so a slow download on my rural NZ treacleband internet connection, but worth every second of the wait. I strongly recommend clicking the full screen button (bottom right corner), and multiple viewings. Fascinating, with […] … Read More

Prat Watch #12: warmest winter makes Ring writhe (and other tales) - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Sep 02, 2013

It’s time for another update on the antics of our favourite climate cranks — and this week’s star is New Zealand’s very own über crank, weather astrologer Ken Ring. He’s been reinventing NZ’s warmest-ever winter to make it fit with his forecasts. Here’s Ken, back in April, in a piece headlined “Severe winter ahead” [WebCite1]: […] … Read More

TDB today: Watching the ice melt - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Apr 17, 2013

My column at The Daily Blog this week is all about ice — specifically the start of the melt season in the Arctic, and what that means for the climate of the northern hemisphere. What’s going on in the Arctic is rapid climate change, and it’s happening now. It’s changing the weather that most of [...] … Read More

Prat watch #9: Ring’s wrong again - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Mar 17, 2013

New Zealand’s favourite astrologer, the self-appointed “long range weather forecaster” Ken Ring — who is wrong about everything — has not been having a good start to the year. He’s having trouble reconciling NZ’s record drought with the forecasts he’s been making. Here’s Ring on February 26th, in an opinion piece headlined Hang on farmers, [...] … Read More

The year the earth bit back: top climate stories of 2012 - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Dec 29, 2012

2012Amidst the blizzard of year-end roundups, here’s one you have to read in full — a joint effort put together by a diverse group of bloggers and scientists: Angela Fritz, Eli Rabett, Emilee Pierce, Greg Laden, Joe Romm, John Abraham, Laurence Lewis, Leo Hickman, Michael Mann, Michael Tobis, Paul Douglas, Scott Mandia, Scott Brophy, Stephan [...] … Read More

Seeing the wind - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Oct 30, 2012

A blend of infographic art and meteorological science, hint.fm’s wind map is mesmerising. It’s almost hypnotic, you can sit and watch the patterns emerge. (You’ll want to see the ‘live’, dynamic, map, not the still snapshot below.) Those wanting to see tropical storm Sandy are best to take a peek before … Read More

Static electricity - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Sep 03, 2012

Static electricity is, above all, fun, but it also can be annoying at times. I was at a conference in Queenstown last week, and was haunted by static everywhere I went. I'm guessing that atmospheric conditions were pretty dry, meaning that electric cha... Read More