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New editor of Journal of Royal Society of NZ - Infrequently Asked Questions

Lynley Hargreaves May 12, 2016

The journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand began its life in the 1860s covering a wide range of topics. New editor Professor Ewan Fordyce FRSNZ would like to regain a little more of that breadth of discipline. The University of Otago Professor knows something about crossing disciplinary boundaries, as a paleontologist in a Geology Department, working … Read More

Whales still scarce after historic hunts - News

Sarah-Jane O'Connor Mar 16, 2016

It took less than 150 years to decimate a population of the southern right whales around New Zealand and the species has yet to recover beyond a fraction of the pre-whaling size, genetic and historic data shows. Researchers at Oregon State University – including Scott Baker who is an adjunct professor at the University of Auckland – combined historic information on … Read More

Antarctic Voyage: Hump day – half way through the trip - Field Work

Guest Author Feb 25, 2013

Written by Dr Helen Bostock  (Marine Geologist, NIWA). Date: 22/2/2013 Location: 64.838758°S, 142.310661°E Weather: 20 knots, cloudy Sea state: 2-3 m swell Humpback whales We are now half way through the voyage…. it seems to be going by quickly. While most people were at lunch today, we were visited by 5 or 6 large humpback whales … Read More

Dem pesky birds - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Feb 19, 2010

The Australian outback has flies. You know the eponymous hand-flick of countries with flies? Locals there apparently call it the ’Australian Salute’. Whales seem to have flocks of birds and tail flicks. In this video, I can just imagine the whale cruising along thinking, ’it’s dem pesky birds again!’: … Read More

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