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WiFi revisited: my visit to the Press Council - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Apr 11, 2014

Sciblogs readers may remember the kerfuffle in December when Otaki’s Damon Wyman led a campaign to have Wifi hotspots removed from classes at Te Horo School. Damon Wyman I wrote about it at the time here on Sciblogs, taking issue with Wyman’s misguided campaign, which was ultimately successful when the Te Horo Board of Trustees surveyed parents and … Read More

What is DiDo? - Light My Fibre

John Nixon Aug 25, 2011

A recent white paper describes an invention in the USA which is touted to increase greatly the bandwidth availability of wireless internet access. DiDo stands for “distributed input, distributed output”. The news was immediately grabbed by the media here in Australia, saying that it made the NBN (National Broadband Network) project redundant and a waste of taxpayer money. Read More

Seoul, Singapore anybody? - Light My Fibre

John Nixon May 19, 2010

A quiet moment before setting off to the FTTH Asia-Pacific Council Conference in Seoul, then the CommunicAsia Conference in Singapore. In Seoul I will be making a presentation titled ’Satellite TV over Fibre’, about the recent advances in RF Overlay, transmitting just about any TV broadcast program on the 1550 nm ITU standard wavelength, including analogue, digital and satellite transmissions … Read More

Light My Room - Light My Fibre

John Nixon Jan 30, 2010

I discovered a very interesting twist in transmitting high speed data over short distances. Currently we use WiFi or Bluetooth, both using radio wavelengths which can be subject to interference, hacking etc as they penetrate to some extent walls, doors, windows. Pennsylvania State University researchers have come up with a light-based system (infra-red) which can deliver beyond … Read More