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CES: Subdued Ballmer looking for Windows everywhere - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Jan 06, 2011

Las Vegas: Having watched Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer warming up in the darkened corner of the Hilton Las Vegas this evening, slapping friends on the back and punching the air, I expected him to unleash some of his trademark over-exuberance. But it was a relatively subdued Ballmer who took to the stage for the opening keynote at … Read More

CES – 3DTV, the Googlephone and slate computing - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Jan 10, 2010

The Consumer Electronic Show was a little humdrum this year, but then it also was in 2008 and 2007, the last year I attended, when the launch of the Apple iPhone at the rival MacWorld conference during the same week really took the wind out of the CES sails (and sales). In January 2007, Windows Vista was about to … Read More