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World War One and the New Zealand economy - The Dismal Science

Michael Reddell Apr 25, 2018

Earlier this week, in the lead up to ANZAC Day today, The Treasury drew attention to an interesting conference paper written a few years ago by Brian Easton on “The impact of the Great War on the New Zealand economy”.   From the opposite end of the political spectrum, Eric Crampton described it as “really great”.  I’m not … Read More

A century of health inequalities in NZ – new data - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Mar 26, 2018

Prof Nick Wilson, Dr Matt Boyd, Dr Andrea Teng, Prof Tony Blakely Everyone knows that socio-economic inequalities in health exist – in recent times. But one thing we do not know is whether they have always been there. We have just published a study that looks at two historical datasets – with one of these suggesting life span differences by … Read More

Remote regions, immigration, and prosperity - The Dismal Science

Michael Reddell Jan 19, 2018

A couple of years ago I did a post on some remote and very small places, many of which had quite a lot of land and very few people.  My point was to suggest that New Zealand was quite unusual in having so many people in such a remote spot, all the more so when much of the population … Read More

The Economics of World War I. 5 and 6 - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Jan 08, 2015

Two more in the series of posts from The Economics of World War I at VoxEU.orgThe US learned the wrong lessons from WWIHugh Rockoff, 04 October 2014World War I profoundly altered the structure of the US economy and its role in the world economy. However, this column argues that the US learnt the wrong lessons from the … Read More

The Economics of World War I. 3 - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Sep 13, 2014

Another in the series of posts from The Economics of World War I project at VoxEU.orgWalking wounded: The British economy in the aftermath of World War INicholas Crafts 27 August 2014It is well-known that World War I was expensive for Britain. The indirect economic costs were also huge. This column argues that the adverse … Read More

The Economics of World War I - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Jul 18, 2014

For the history buffs among you here is an interesting collection of papers on "The Economics of World War I". The collection is from VoxEU.org and it has been put together to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Over the coming gyear Vox will be publishing a series of articles on the … Read More