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Attack of the zombie snails - BioBlog

Alison Campbell Mar 10, 2016

The semester’s begun, teaching has started, admin isn’t letting up any time soon, & there are days when I feel like a zombie by home-time. So it seems entirely appropriate to revivify a post I wrote 3 years ago, on that very subject. Honestly, sometimes I think the zombie apocalypse is already here. Certainly zombies seem to be flavour of … Read More

Friday round-up: zombies, cats, embargoes, XMRV papers - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jul 02, 2010

[caption id="attachment_2822" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Zombie-eyed* polydactyl kitten (Source: Wikimedia Commons.)"] [/caption] Scienceblogs has gone zombie. There are zombie articles coming out all over the place… A good starting point is the list PZ Myers has put together. (He fingers Scicurious as the original vector. She is happy about the Zombie Menace…) More seriously, this is a … Read More