Sunday Spinelessness – Return of the spineless

By David Winter 23/01/2011

It seems all the cool bug bloggers have escaped to the tropics just at the time I’ve got back to more temperate climes. I spent a couple of weeks in Vanuatu over the Christmas and New Year break and have a couple of memory cards full of Melanesian wildlife to share here over the next few weeks. I have another post based on life in Vanuatu I really want to finish editing before I talk about those bugs, and no shortage of real work to do before I can get to that. So, let’s kick of a new year of spinelessness with a lame joke:


(That’s a very sick Achatina fulica, one of the villains in this story and pretty common snail in and around Efate, the most populous island in Vanuatu. You can bet this very picture is going to show up as a slide is all my talks about Pacfic Island snails.)