Sunday Spinelessness – Dragonfly

By David Winter 20/03/2011

I appear to have run out of Sunday in which to write about bugs. No matter, I think I have a photo that’ll more than make up for a lack of words on my part.

Face to to face with one of the orange dragonflies that spent their days zooming over (and, in this case, falling into) the swimming pool at our house in Vanuatu.

and the close up

That’s all from me today (I have to get back to writing about statistics and land snail gut contents, which is actually surprisingly interesting),if you’re a fan of these beautiful bugs theres a couple of posts about dragonfly’s closest cousins the damselflies here.

0 Responses to “Sunday Spinelessness – Dragonfly”

  • super cool. don’t think i’ve ever seen them so close up before! the look of this one reminds me of the valiant dragonfly, Evinrude in Disney animated movie, “The Rescuers”

  • Deborah,

    The result of life in the middle of foodwebs – need be on the look out for prey and birds that want to make them into tasty treats!


    Wait till next summer, and head into the bush. You should be able to see some Kapokapowai, which must be Maori for “F*ck me, that’s a big dragonfly” – once they get used to you they’re quite tame and you can get to eye-to-eye with them(not my photo btw!)

  • hey David:) i looked it up and it means “water snatcher” – lol! (which you probably already know) that is one sweeeet-looking df – and they eat cicadas, which are the bane of my existence with their deafening chorus – so they’re awesome in my book!