Sunday Spinelessness – Razor-back

By David Winter 12/06/2011

The photos I share here are really not representative sample of the bugs I come across in my travels. For me to get photos of a bug I need to get pretty close to it, and that means i can’t get nice pictures of creatures that are skittish or particularly fast moving. For instance, there’s a longhorn beetle (Cerambycidae) species I find quite often in Dunedin but have never taken a nice photo of, because every time I line one up the subject runs out of frame or out of focus.

Even though I’ve never taken a good photo of this beetle, I do have one that displays it’s most unusual feature. It has two ridges growing out of it’s back:

I can’t imagine what, if any, purpose those protuberances serve, but i quite like them. Their spikiness, and their shape makes me think of tiny little circular saw blades sticking out of a saw bench.

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  • I was going to ask “So… what are the two ridges for?”, then I spotted the last two lines hidden below the photo!

    They do look like little circular saw benches! – but somehow I don’t think they whir around… 🙂 They’re not remnants (in evolutionary terms) of wings are they? Whatever they are, they look pretty cool.

    Do you ever try cooling insects to photograph them? I know that some commercial shots with insects are set up this way. All staged and all the rest, of course.