A talk

By David Winter 29/02/2012

If Google Analytics is to be believed, then a substantial porportion of the folks that read The Atavism live here in Dunedin. That being the case, I thought I’d let you now that I’m giving a talk on Friday – a summary of all the work that went into my thesis including lots of (I think) exciting results that I can’t write about here because they are still at various stages of the process that goes from finding something cool to that cool thing appearing in published papers. You will also get to see what happens when some fool tries to present 87 slides in about 45 minutes*, which could be entertaining.

It’s going to be at 12 noon, Friday in the Benham Seminar Room (2nd floor of the “new” part of the Zoology building) . If you are around campus and have nothing to do over your lunch break you are most welcome to come along.

Of course, the slides aren’t the talk