All the media!

By David Winter 25/09/2012

Oh, hi there. Yeah, it’s been a while h’uh? Just been crazy busy lately you know – one thing after another with manuscripts and datasets to analyse, then I got a whole bunch of lab reports to mark. We should totally like, get back to writing/reading about science though. I’ll put something up in a bit and…*

So, things have been a little quite here lately. That wasn’t a plan to have me an that ridiculous hat up on the front page for a few weeks – just the result of having little spare time. As it turns out, a few things that might be of interest to readers here have been published over that fallow period, here’s the links:

  • I’m in a book! As I related last year, my post on the partulids land snails of Society Isalnds was selected for The Best Science Writing Online which is now available from all good book sellers. I’m ridiculously excited by this. There is also a short review in The Listener 
  • My latest little piece for deals with Colin Craig and his idea that research tells us sexual orientation is a choice, and that this is relevant to marriage equality. 
  • I was on the radio – an hour of talking about science, peer review and skepticsm on Radio One, the student radio station.

I guess to complete the set I’d need to make a TV appearance, though I can’t see that happening!

*For people with whom I’ve had exactly this conversation lately – it’s true, I have been busy, I am a terribly friend and we will catch up soon!