Sunday Spinelessness – An ID challenge

By David Winter 25/11/2012

OK, here’s a chance for the bug nerds to show off. A photo of a strange-looking beast I recently ran into:


The challenge to readers is to answer the two questions that went through my head when I first uncovered the creature (1) What the hell is that? (2) What’s going with those opaque white projections?
Unlike others, I can’t often you anything cool as a prize for being right, but surely an electronic record to your entomological know-how will be enough?

0 Responses to “Sunday Spinelessness – An ID challenge”

  • Looks like a bark louse (Psocoptera) and I’m going to assume this individual has just shed it’s old exoskeleton and those white bits are the wings just about to be pumped full of hemolymph!

  • Thanks guys! The answer, which Morgan of course go right, is up now

    Deborah, I’m also playing the /NotAnEntomologist card since I first thought they were sprint tails (ignoring 400 million years of evolution) and that the white thingies might be some kind of parasite!