Sunday Spineless – On the Wing

By David Winter 13/01/2013

Just a photo today, but a pretty awesome one I reckon. An inbound bumble bee from my parents’ garden in the Wairarapa:

(~50 out of focus shots from same session not shown!)

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  • Cheers Morgan,

    Got a chance to play with a fancy dSLR and a fast lens – so had to try for this shot (can’t claim much skill though: technique was open the aperture, wait for bugs to visit and shoot away 🙂

  • “~50 out of focus shots from same session not shown!”

    Great shot. Taking nothing away from it, it’s one of the difference digital photography has brought, I guess, that amateurs with low budgets can rattle off shots. I know with my little camera I’ve found the automatic bracketing can be useful when shooting “snaps” 🙂