Sequencing the tuatara genome

By David Winter 17/06/2013

Things have been quite around here for a while. Largely for the typical boring reasons, the pressure to get work done and on to journals that might publish it leaving little spare time. On top of that the non-science time I’ve had lately has taken up by what I think will be a  very important piece of science communication: a blog documenting The Tuatara Genome Poject.

I’ll keep trying to find time to share my thoughts here, but I really encourage all my readers to read and follow the tuatara blog – we’re going to be discussing everything from why we’d want  to sequence a genome, to actual process we’ll use to it and some of the results that we’ll gather. I won’t be writing every word, in fact, one of the goals is to get the researchers on the project to describe their work in their own words. Hopefully we’ll all learn a bit about reptiles, genome sequencing bioinformatics and a whole lot more.