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David Winter Sep 25, 2012

Oh, hi there. Yeah, it's been a while h'uh? Just been crazy busy lately you know - one thing after another with manuscripts and datasets to analyse, then I got a whole bunch of lab reports to mark. We should totally like, get back to writing/reading ab... Read More

Measuring population differentiation in R

David Winter Aug 09, 2012

This is a little bit different than most posts here. I have a paper out today in Molecular Ecology Resources:  "mmod: an R library for the calculation of population differentiation statistics" (doi: 10.1111/j.1755-0998.2012.03174.x). Looking around the web, there aren't many simple expositions of just what a "differentiation statistic" might be, and why the "modern measures of … Read More

Sunday Spinelessness – How snails conquered the land (again and again)

David Winter Aug 05, 2012

Christie Willcox wrote a nice article this week on how one small group of organisms called "vertebrates" first evolved to live on land. Since you are a vertebrate who lives on land, you should probably go and read Christie's piece. I wouldn't want you, however, to go around thinking those first fish to leave the ocean behind were pioneers … Read More