Housekeeping and Requests!

By Eric Crampton 04/09/2012

First, a brief note of apology for the shifting timestamps of posts here at The Dismal Science. Two things I’ve now learned:

  1. WordPress here is set to US UK [12 hour offset] time and so I need to adjust for time zone differences when scheduling posts in advance of publication.
  2. If I don’t hit the manual override switch, any post that I carefully place in a sequence so that we get everything in a sensible order will be re-arranged for me the next time that WordPress checks the RSS feeds for the blogs from which we here are drawing. The manual override means that The Dismal Science will not catch any updates made at the source blogs, but the link at the top of each post lets anybody check back to the original if something seems critically wrong.
Regular service should now resume. Hopefully.

And, now for the requests! On the SciBlogs Google group, Michael Edmonds asked whether we’d be happy to take requests. He started off with a request reading “if every country in the world is in debt, who do they owe the money to?” The short answer is that money is mostly owed to citizen bond-holders, both domestic and internationally based. But one of us may hit the question in more depth in posts to come.

Please feel free to add your requests in the comments here. I’ll consider shoulder-tapping some of our source blogs for help; if it’s a question that’s interesting to intelligent non-specialists here, it’s probably great fodder for us at our main blogs as well. I can’t guarantee we’ll get to any of the requests, but the likelihood that we’ll blog on your topic is certainly improved by a request.