Obesogenic environments?

By Eric Crampton 08/01/2013

Gareth Morgan wanted restrictions on where “fake food” outlets might be located.

Placement of junk food outlets – local communities have a say over the placement of alcohol outlets, but we can’t stop junk food outlets setting up around our schools or clustering in poor neighbourhoods. This could be changed if planners had to take health into consideration in their decisions.

From The Lancet, online version 29 November 2013:

Influence of the retail food environment around schools on obesity-related outcomes: a systematic review

This review of the scientific literature found very little evidence for an effect of the retail food environment surrounding schools on food purchases and consumption patterns, but some evidence of an effect on bodyweight. Given the general lack of evidence for association with the mediating variables of food purchasing and food consumption, and the observational nature of the studies included in this review, it is possible that this finding is a result of residual confounding.