NZ NDGP graphs – add your own comments!

By Matt Nolan 08/02/2013

As a starting point – thank you Statistics New Zealand for all your tasty data.

First a graph of the deviation of per capita NGDP from its 1994-2011 trend (took out the 1991-1993 period due to the structural changes taking place) – comparing the last ANZSIC 1996 data (Dec 2011) to the September ANZSIC 2006 data:


Then a graph of deviations in NGDP from trend and the UR (unemployment rate):


The same things will case NGDP to shift and the UR to shift, in opposite directions.  In that way this is unsuprising.  Make of it what you will in the NZ context, given your implicit model of the economy – in fact, feel free to mention it in the comments.  I will be sitting out of this one at present.

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