What If Lecture on Cricket

By Seamus Hogan 26/04/2013

Last year, Eric presented a talk on alcohol in the University’s What If Wednesday series. This coming Wednesday it will be my turn, talking about economics and cricket. The title is “What if…Economics could help cricket teams win matches?” I have blogged a bit about my work with students on various aspects of cricket in the past (click on the tag “cricket” to see all those posts).

On Wednesday, I am going to focus on how an economics-derived approach to the analysis of cricket can yield interesting analyses of on-field strategy. Specifically, I will be talking about an aspect of the work from Scott Brooker’s doctoral thesis that I haven’t blogged on previously–how we can estimate batter “production possibility frontiers” showing the tradeoff between risk and return for specific batsmen, and from that to suggest one explanation for why New Zealand has traditionally punched above its weight in ODI cricket.

The announcement and link to register for the lecture are here. I understand that the registration process can be a bit cumbersome as it seems like you are registering for a course, but it is free to attend and registering enables the University to ascertain likely numbers. (And to be honest, I haven’t registered for the ones that I have attended.)

I hope to see as many loyal readers of Offsetting there as possible, conditional, of course, on your caring about cricket.