Glaeser on Christchurch

By Eric Crampton 28/07/2013

Ed Glaeser’s Condliffe Memorial Lecture is now up at the University’s “What If?” site. As the SciBlogs version of WordPress doesn’t seem to play nicely with YouTub embeds, hit it instead here.


I tell my students of the Pantheon of the Econ-Gods. Ed Glaeser is one of our Elder Gods – fueled not by the apples of the Hesperides but rather by Diet Coke.

Ed had a ridiculously busy day prior to his talk at Canterbury. He started with a tour of downtown with CERA, chipped in for a documentary somebody was making, lunched with a bunch of architects, provided a seminar for the Department, gave an interview for a freelancer for The Listener at the Staff Club, then the Condliffe. Then off for breakfast with Roger Sutton in the morning.

There are a lot of fans of Glaeser’s approach to urbanism around the country. Let’s hope it’s done some good!