Hierarchy of funding sources

By Bill Kaye-Blake 25/11/2013

I spent most of Friday talking about funding — where to get it, how to get it. As always, we researchers are trying to keep going. More accurately, we are trying to keep the research programmes alive. We already have the framework for understanding this situation: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Here it is, re-purposed to explain the funding environment:


I need a sugar daddy patron.

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  • Alas the last good days of wealthy patrons were the renaissance. The enlightenment encouraged natural philosophers/scientists who if they were lucky enough indulged their curiosity and real scientific discoveries where relatively low-cost (not to trail blazers like Curies but compared to now). The cold war brought the industrialisation of R&D which supplied many of the underpinnings of the current technology emergence. The contestable funding is an attempt to push more market driven outcomes into basically an infinite demand (curiosity like good health has no limits). Hopefully with NZ crowd-investment laws being enacted next year, a small pool of funds can go towards science-oriented blue sky ideas but things are not looking so well for capital intensive life-sciences work.