Comparing recessions: Unemployment in New Zealand

By Matt Nolan 05/12/2013

Keeping in mind Shamubeel’s point that we need to be careful looking at aggregates, I thought it would be nice to update the graph from this post back in early-2009 – when people were talking about 11% unemployment (Note:  I have moved both series across a year).


Cheers Statistics NZ.

This supports the type of story we have seen from the employment rate data, and our suggestion here that the 87-92 period was incredibly ugly for NZ.  As a result, even though in GDP terms the current slowdown looks like one of the worst NZ has experienced (though not so much in RGNDI terms – given the lift in NZ’s terms of trade) overall employment and unemployment outcomes have thankfully been nowhere near as bad as in the early 1990s.  I’m looking forward to all the analysis that will appear sifting through the data and working out why this is the case ;)