Holiday roundup

By Eric Crampton 06/01/2014

…In which we present a short roundup of posts from the holiday season on film subsidies, phone pricing, competition policy, and a couple on drinking.

Welcome to 2014, for those of you who, like me, spent the last few weeks in a bit of a holiday haze with a house full of kids and grandparents and consequently lost track entirely of what day of the week it might have happened to have been at any point.

The other authors at Dismal have been far more diligent in posting than I have been at editing. I’ll be posting a few of these posts over the coming week, so watch for the “Originally appeared at X on Y” tags in case dates otherwise don’t make sense. In the meantime, here are a few others that showed up on the feeds here syndicated over the break.

Posts will start showing up again in the Dismal Science feed on a regular basis as I now again have an office. We packed up the open-plan shed the week of December 9th for a move over to the new offices in the law building. Friday, 13 December, the movers brought everything over to Laws. Monday, 16 December, the movers were to be bringing everything into our offices. And we were to move into our offices on Tuesday the 17th. When the project manager came round to our shed to tell us how things would work, she gave us every assurance that everything was in order for the move-in. We queried what would happen if we didn’t have the building use certificate; she suggested keeping critical things at home rather than moving them, in the very unlikely event that things went wrong. We were finally able to move into the new offices today. In the meantime, I’ve had a laptop with a non-functioning screen. I ordered a replacement before Christmas. I started trying to order it at the beginning of November, knowing that my laptop was near death. But the usual approval processes and seemingly mandatory internal rent-seeking required to ensure a satisfactory faculty experience meant that the order could not be placed until early December. And now nobody knows where that machine is. Maybe Dell tried delivering it over Christmas, maybe they didn’t. Nobody who knows the tracking number is available to give me the tracking number that I might check into it. The warehouse says they’ve not seen it.

But at least I again have screens into which to plug the screenless laptop. And so I can blog. Happy New Year!